NodeView 1.0 Documentation

Part of the OpenKiosk Project. © 2001 - 2004 by xynopsis

Intended Audience

System administrators wanting to deploy OpenKiosk in their site. This document assumes you have previous experience in installing Linux/UNIX applications. In addition, familiarity with networking terms and technology is essential.

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What is NodeView
History and goals of the OpenKiosk Project
System requirements
Getting the source
Running NodeView


Setting an administrator password
Creating operators
Managing kiosk workstations
Kiosk customers and prepaid tickets
Generating reports
Networks and general settings

General Use

Using operator accounts
Controlling workstations remotely
Viewing kiosk workstation information

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run NodeView on Windows?
Can I run NodeView on Mac OSX?
I want feature X! When can I have it?
Why am I having this strange compile errors?
NodeView cannot start and complains about missing libdb-4.x.x.
I think I found a bug. How do I report them?